“What Makes Us…”

“The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.” Vincent Van Gog

Honestly I found myself thinking about pilots recently and what makes them go up in the air every time they do?

And now I’m also thinking about Soldiers and what makes them go into war zones whenever they’re needed to.

What makes one start their car in the morning and drive to work even after hearing about a fatal accident that occurred the previous day?

Why do people apply for jobs for which they have little or no chance of getting?

What is it that almost takes away rational reasoning from people? Because based on logic & calculation, most of these actions shouldn’t even be ventured.

Based on “common sense” a lot of things people do are a waste of time.

Ok, look at this. Gambling (Betting, Lottery or whatever looks like it) has been part of mankind for as long as we can imagine. It is one of the weirdest things because ALMOST ALWAYS, the odds are stacked against the gambler in question, yet, they gamble.

They’ve heard countless tales of people who lost their money (or whatever was at stake) but they choose to hold on to those one or two stories of people that “made it”

In ONE word, what this is called is HOPE!

Hope is what makes us Human. Hope is what gives us the “take it one day at a time” spirit, it is the Strength we have that keeps the world Alive.

Hope is like OXYGEN, we never take it in truckloads, we were never given a Contract of Continuance as regarding its supply, yet with or without knowing it, EVERY MOMENT we BREATHE In and We BREATHE Out.

For every moment we live, what we live on is HOPE. It is the very breath that we take, it is the next step that we make.

It is the sun rise at dawn and the belief that at dusk the morning will come. Hope is the strength of mankind, it is a gift which we (almost) have no choice but to accept.

Notice, that when Hope is gone is when Life is lost, Hope fuels Life, drives Vision and steers Passion.

“And Hope… Maketh not ashamed…” Romans 5:5a

If there is ONE commodity that both the old and the young need, one treasure that both the rich and the poor share, one thing that all of mankind have in common, it is this HOPE!

It is no respecter of persons just like Oxygen, it is needed in everything we do

This is what makes the fishermen venture into the danger with the HOPE that they will prevail.

This is what makes the soldier bid his family goodbye with the HOPE that He will overcome and be with them again.

This is what makes the pilot take off every time he does, in HOPE that though the storms rage and the winds howl, he will land safely like he’s always done.

Hope is a force of nature. It is medicine to our bones and Life to our soul.

Hope should not be lost, Hope should not be Lost. Hope should be protected, protected at all cost.

Yesterday is Gone, Tomorrow is Not Certain, But in Today lies ALL we truly have… HOPE!

Hold on to what you have, Hold on to Hope…

Don’t stop Hoping… Don’t stop Living!


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