I HIT 100 likes Yesterday!!!

That means at least 100 people are now subscribed to reading what I write.

Why am I excited? It’s not necessarily cos I have more likes than I did earlier, it’s really cos I know that more and more people are reading what I write and are in so doing, getting inspired.

Why? It’s because growth is something that is essential and celebrated in living beings, and increase in number is some form of growth, worthy of celebration.

Why? Because it’s the days of “little beginnings”, it’s an indication of what one will do when they’re entrusted with more. It makes me look at my consistency (& a lot of times the lack of it) to what I do and evaluate how ready I am for a wider reach.

I’ve once heard it said that “The Reward for Work is MORE Work” If you can’t handle what is before you NOW why are you busy living in a Utopia where you’re filled with so much capacity and efficiency? Why not put in the work to make yourself better NOW (& by extension Your Future)?

It’s not about getting people’s approval or endorsement. DON’T let anyone give you purpose or worth, don’t let anyone verify you. You were already verified even before you knew your name. Your very existence is the highest verification you can have, no human can give it you, it was PURPOSE, REASON & NEED that birthed you and nothing else.

It’s easy to claim that we don’t need/care about what others think, but a lot of what we do is directed at getting liked/approved by people. We pick up character traits that’s not us cos we’re trying to fit into the system. Social media now defines a lot of what happens in our lives instead of the other round.

In the words of the Preacher:

“There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler: I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.”- Ecclesiastes 10:5,7

Work until Success Verifies You… Not Instagram, Or Twitter (Get it?)

Do what makes YOU happy… Not others!

Focus on GETTING better EVERYDAY… Not LOOKING better.

We live in a world where REPUTATION seems to be of more importance than CHARACTER.

Invest more into what has value and not what appears to.

I could also say that

“I started making impact when I started doing it for the Lives and not the Likes.”

So for those of YOU faithfuls that don’t already know why I do what I do, please know now;




Thank You for being more than a statistic but an inspiration, a reason for which WE WON’T STOP.

Thank You for reading what I write, thanks for your feedback, thanks for allowing somethings to change you.

Thank You for being a part of this Inspiring Journey.

And in that spirit, if you have some suggestions (things you’d like to see or be removedp) please do well to drop a comment, even if it’s just something you Love about EAQ)

And above all; DON’T FORGET;


WALK & WORK with that mindset!

Grace & Peace.

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