She knew she should have done this sooner. She should have left her girls after the first goodbye.
The problem with her girls was, goodbye’s were never final, it took a couple of those before they grudgingly let her go.
Now she had to hurry to the stream to fetch water for dinner. The moon smiled, it’s radiance blocked off by the dense shade of the okpala forest trees.
Tall trees with crawling branches that snaked themselves around each other, leaving a path through the middle that led downhill; to Nmiri Okpala.
She should not have hummed, and she certainly should not have whistled. She had barely rounded the corner when she heard the laughter; soft and mocking.
“Run little girl, the darkness has hands”, it said. She was already off, before her water pot hit the ground.

Guest Writer:- Armstrong Anuri (Instagram – @the_altered_embryo)


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