The Way of Woes

“It’s going to haunt someone else later!”

She had just battled the scariest thing she’d ever experienced in her three and a half decades of living.
It was a Monday evening like any other. Ann had just walked into the bathroom to wash up and set with the sun.
As she went about her business, she caught a glimpse of something, something she was sure she’d never seen before…

Something that had no place on her body.
It was as black as night and as creepy as they come. It took her senses a moment to douse the shock, recover, and react to the anomaly.
“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!” She screamed, as loud as her tiny frame could bear and in the same motion flicked the evil off her.

She looked around earnestly but it was gone, she searched some more… anyone that saw her in that state could have sworn she was looking for something of worth – a treasure maybe. Yet, nothing… It was gone!
She sighed and took a moment to catch her breath.

“Such is the way of woes”, she said…
“It’s going to haunt someone else later!”

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