Living as a Covid-19 suspect.

I was recently in contact with someone who was exposed to the Corona Virus at my work place.
I got home that day and told my family in humour.
Little did I know that I had signed my own death warrant.
I turned from loved one to suspect all in one breath.
I woke up to find myself all alone in the room we shared. Self-isolation they called it.
I was locked in and prevented from going out to work. Don’t put us at risk they said.
I realized I had a sore throat and a little difficulty in breathing, I hid it and couldn’t tell anyone for fear of discrimination. It still happened anyway, everyone kept me at arms length. They called it social distancing.
By this time I was already overcome with fear and worry and the what ifs began. What if I had the virus? What if I had already spread it to them?
So I became a suspect even to my own mind.
So sad, I sank into depression and lost weight in less than 2 days. All I could do was wait, the passage of time would vindicate me, or so I thought.
It’s been more than 14days and I don’t have the virus, yet I still feel like I’m living as a Covid-19 suspect.

Guest Writer:- Camille Chude (Instagram- @justlovemilky)


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