Take A Walk.

Can I be honest with you for a moment?

A lot of us are unhappy because we are too selfish- for lack of a better word. Okay, maybe self-absorbed says it better.

But for real, our whole world is about us. Your waking breath and all you do, all you think about…
Now imagine how quickly you’ll get bored. You’re one tiny (arguably) insignificant dot on the dot that is earth.

Do you ever just go out for a walk, just to see people on the streets? Do you ever pause for a second at the mall and “people watch”? Just observing conversations, actions, reactions…It’s magical! It’s one of the most magical things ever!

Do you ever imagine, I mean like really imagine what life feels like for others, like your security guys, your delivery guys, taxi people, janitors, policemen/women, doctors, neighbors, enemies? Do you?

When last did you use your senses to (try to) perceive things as another does? When last did you step out of yourself?

When was the last time you took a walk, JUST to see the world of others?

Wake up from your puny, self-absorbed, stuffy, definitely-not-able-to-sustain-you life. Wake up!

And, maybe take a walk?


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