If I Die…

(To People I Love)

If I die, I want to know that I left my house in order.

So, call everyone that loves me, and share my words with them.

Tell my mum to finish that book we (never) started, the world needs to read it.

Tell my brother I’m flipping proud of him and he better believe it.

Tell my dad that I’m grateful, for the man he helped me be,

Tell my sisters that I love them, as the torrents of the sea.

Tell Jachi he will be great & Muna will wow the world

Tell my friends na ha meh ofuma, and cheers to the round table.

Tell the “whom it may concern”, that I lived life to its best

Above all, let them know, that I leave with no regrets…

Live entirely…with no regrets!

(To things left undone)

If I die, I want people to find little pieces of me I littered everywhere

Little words, unsaid thoughts, and projects here and there.

Tell Nkiru that my documents are in “the drawer” in my apartment

Tell Monday, my clothes and shoes are his, as long as he can pack them.

He should also give to Mr. Hamza and others in the area

Tell them Jesus loves them dearly, I hope that they remember.

Ask Chisom for my passwords, tell her it’s the same for everything

From my social media, emails, and notebooks, she should go about gathering

Tell her to help me publish my second book, Obianuju knows the title
Speaking of books, give out all of mine and don’t forget my bible.

Tell my students to believe in their abilities, they should know that they can fly

And it’s not their job to succeed, but it’s their job to always try

Tell Nigeria to beware and restructure its system of “education”.

That it should teach people that they’re unique and with that would come transformation.
Tell Chidimma I wanted to marry her, that it broke my heart she got away

If there’s a “next life” & I find perfection, I’ll hold on tight and make her stay.

Tell all the girls that Loved me, that they’re truly something special,
I wish them well, I wish them peace and I pray they find their home.

Tell Stephen that I was furious, that he lost my tablet back in school

Tell Armstrong that I really think, staying in touch would have been cool

Tell everyone that you can find, to chill and live life as it comes

To be focused, driven and persevere, but not to go around chasing bucks

When all else fails, I hope you know, that even failure fails too

So cheer up now, I’ve seen all I can, and here: this is for YOU!
Just negodu ndu, negodu. (Look at life, look…)

This post is not suicidal, nor does it encourage it any form. It is not a cry for help, it is not from a place of frustration.

It is simply a life lesson from death. Ironic I know, but truth be told, the truth be cold, so here: my truth behold!

This might not have the usual naijastoryteller sassy vibe, but some days are like that…
We’re learning to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. Psalm 90:12
(Take a cue)

Grace & Peace!


2 thoughts on “If I Die…

  1. I was almost worried but then I thought you are definitely not one to quit on life no matter what. I like how you chronicled it though, if I can’t write a will, I should at least put something like this together because life is fickle indeed. I’m curious about Chidinma though, If you will marry her in the afterlife, is it too late now?


    1. “Life is fickle indeed” my sister!
      Hehe yes it’s too late, she’s married already!


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