“You are not all that!”

In my country (Naija), apparently “Nigeria” (whoever that is) has decided and chosen a new (or more like old as per the old incumbent and old as per actually OLD) president, and that is what everyone seems to be talking about, but I have something else in mind…

Guess what suckers?!

Guess What

We have officially come to the end of the second month and are now well into the third month of your beloved “new year” 2019 and what have you achieved? How far have you gone with your resolutions? What projects have you begun/completed that you planned to by now? I’m guessing a lot of you have not “done much”… And there lies the problem.

People are always trying to do stuff, go somewhere, prove something, or just be generally active for no reason and that’s why you’re where you are now (tired, overwhelmed and thinking you might not amount to much)

“Stop trying so hard to DO and just BE. In time, everything you are will be seen by what you do.” ©EbubeAgu

Why do you think you are all that? Why do you think you need to achieve so much? What do you have to prove? Who do you have to prove it to? Why do you burden yourself with trying to prove yourself to the world?

Let me paint you a picture: A girl is born, she’s given a name (or a girl is no one, whatever works), she grows up, she knows her gender, she sees how her body functions and she naturally begins to adapt to what it means to be a girl and act accordingly. She didn’t need to start doing this or that to become what she was, but what she was prompted her to do this and that.

“Without a sense of purpose, you will continue to waste your time and life on things that bear no relevance to your existence.” ©EbubeAgu

Life becomes difficult when there’s nothing driving you but the urge to just do.

Life is not difficult, people are

It is people who say “flabbergasted” instead of “surprised
It is people who say “Let me think about it” instead of a simple “No
It is people that force themselves to wear what others admire
It is people that borrow and go bankrupt trying to ‘belong’
It is people that date with no intentions of marriage
It is people that don’t study but expect great results

It is people that drive recklessly but pray for God’s protection
It is people that wait for a girl’s wedding day to proclaim their affection
It is people that borrow with no real plans of paying back
It is people that don’t take responsibility, and that’s a fact
It is people that will forgo purpose and go in search of pleasures
It is people that will forsake happiness and give into life’s pressures.

You see, Life is not difficult. People are!” ©EbubeAgu (©WeAllNeedHealing)

life is not difficult people are. stop trying so hard to be all that...

Take things one step at a time, let things grow, let YOU grow, give yourself time to discover, give yourself time to achieve. The unnecessary burden you’re carrying is what is making you not achieve anything much at the end of the day/ year.

It’s not that serious, you’re not that serious, you’re really not all that my man, my sister you’re really not all that special.

Does this say don’t work?

Does this say don’t plan?

Does this say don’t have a vision you want to achieve?

No, it in no way says any of that… All it says is that “You’re really not all that”, “You are not as unique as you make yourself out to be”, this is not a shot at your self esteem, oh no, far from it, I’m an advocate of that, but you need to be free to be you, do you and become all you are truly capable of.

This may come across as mixed messages, but make of it what you will, let yourself go and become free of the overbearing expectations you’ve placed on yourself.

So you want to write a book? Don’t fuss, just write it. You have the urge to start a business? Quit stalling, just start it! You want to tell someone you love them? Don’t doubt it, just tell them!

There’s really nothing so special about you that you can’t fail or that you have to be perfect.

I say this to say… (by the way, this phrase always gets me, like why do you have to say something to say another thing, like seriously, why not just say what you want to already? But I digress.) So I was saying that I said all that to say that now you’ve seen that you’re not all that… Go out and do what you have in mind, go on and be who you want to be, IT’S REALLY NOT THAT COMPLICATED, SO STOP COMPLICATING IT!

I for one, (since I resolved to take things simple and as they come) have somehow been on a productive streak for the past couple of years with last year being a major hit for me. Last year, while being the head of a CDS (Community Development Service) group as a Youth corp member, I wrote and published my first book, a collection of poems titled We All Need Healing and also did a book tour around 4 States (if you think this is easy, try organizing and funding this kind of thing on your own, give me my accolades please). I also led my CDS group to execute some really impactful projects like outreaches to a school and an orphanage home. In the same year during service, while working as a teacher in a secondary school (Emmanuel College Owerri), I led an initiative to help guide the seniors in discovering their purpose and choosing a fitting career path.


I should also mention that I had my silver jubilee birthday anniversary, Yes! I turned the big two-five(I’m not saying it as an achievement or anything but it is worth celebrating, sue me). With the help of a very supportive team, I organized a successful youth summer camp under the umbrella of a youth organization (Youth for Christ Nigeria; YFC). Shortly after service, I moved to a new city and took on a job to be part of the counselling team in a grade school (CTL Academy, Abuja). I went on a spoken word tour (Penspeak) with a team of Poets (under Christapoet) and towards the end of the year, accepted invitations to perform my art (as a Storyteller) at various events in my city.


Take it from a guy who’s achieved and is still achieving almost anything he puts his mind to nowadays, it’s not magic, it’s simple, well it’s The Magic of Simplicity. And just in case, you are still doubtful, holding back, confused, tired, afraid, don’t be, yeah I said it, just refuse to be or pay it no mind and watch as you achieve (almost) all you set your mind to. #ItsAllOnYou

“…And if you fail
Get up and TRY again
…And when you crash
Get up and FLY again
Until FAILURE gives up on you
And SUCCESS knows your name
Try…” ©EbubeAgu (©WeAllNeedHealing)

If you are confused about what to do or how to move forward, you can shoot me an email let’s talk (on holla.naijastoryteller@gmail.com)

Grace & Peace!

By the way… PS… NB (anyone you choose)

For the faithfuls ouchea who have been with us (well ‘me’ but ‘us’ sounds better), I’m sure you noticed a few changes around here… Yes, we’re officially REvamped, REbranded and of course REvived.

*In super cool Morgan Freeman narrator voice* This is Naija Storyteller, and together we will cruise through what we experience everyday as (Nigerians and of course as) people. The mission stays the same; #EdifyingContent #RedefiningMoment!

Grace & Peace! (In case you missed the first one)


9 thoughts on ““You are not all that!”

  1. This reminds me of SayIt! Witty Review 2018 all over again! Thanks for inspiring creatives at my event @naijastoryteller and thank you for being you-nique with this content!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot Ray. And thanks for being as you-nique as possible too!


  2. Come on! Let’s go

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice one sir😃 Beautiful message, direct and laced with humour. In a wrap, Imma be me all day, errryday!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot. Let’s go applying now!


  4. Good stuff. I enjoyed reading but it was a long one sha (eye popping out of socket). What’s with Grace & Peace though? I’m not sure I got that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Bukky! And it wasn’t that long jor.
      Ehhh Grace & Peace is like a greeting, as well as a blessing, as well as a sign out card. It was from me the “Love & Light” people learnt their style, but it’s cool, it’s all Love here 😏😀

      So… Grace & Peace!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Am done trying to impress people, thanks bro I appreciate

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the spirit, you go!
      Don’t let no one complicate your life for you please!


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