“Last Minute Miracle”

We’ve all felt that Joy of beating a deadline at the nick of time, that thrill of doing something near impossible, that superhero pride that comes on us when we realize “we actually did it.”

If you’ve felt it, then you’d know it’s a really victorious moment, I for one live for those moments, knowing that something that I could have taken 4 weeks to do I did in 4 hours, Ah! What else could it really mean to have super powers? But over the years you know what I’ve realized this “Last Minute Miracle” is? CRAP!!!

It’s hogwash, a beautiful deceptive bag of dung, an enticing virus that cages the best of men and ties the potentially excellent to the floor of mediocrity. It’s a plot (by God-knows-who) to make us believe that if we could really do so much in sooooo little time, that might mean we’re really special, that means we can “multi task”, it means we “work well under pressure”… But then again that’s another trailer load of hocus-pocus, another repackaged trip to the land of balderdash (Gee! That actually sounds like a place yeah?) It’s an unending cycle that never ceases. Let’s look at the facts real quick.

You have something to do (whatever it may be), you have a given amount of time (however long/ short it may seem) and you go on living your life like nothing’s at stake, you go on procrastinating what you know you should do cos “Well, I’ll still get in done in time”, just a thought though, what if the Doctor on call had procrastinated your birth? You might still have been born you know, only with some complications or deformities, but I digress. And so after having procrastinated given task for so long, you are compelled by the strong arm of deadlines to get to it and then by some miraculous & genius feat you’re able to come through, and on time too. And in your “coordinated mind”, this is the way things should go, this is the order life should flow, abi?

The fastest, the Lord of Speed, I tender my unreserved accolades…

Oya let’s wake up and help ourselves, I’m in this with you too that’s why me I’m not even happy with how we get so comfortable in the illusion that we’re “bad like that” and then shun the excellence God imputed in us at the expense of being lackadaisical, nonchalant, petty, frivolous, lazy, tardy, uncoordinated, irresponsible, should I go on? I think you get the picture.

Fact is


We’ve grown up now, let’s tell ourselves the truth.

“Because something is working, doesn’t mean it can not be done better”

It’s time we do things better, we can’t remain kids forever…

Now we know better… Let’s do better!

Grace & Peace!


1 thought on ““Last Minute Miracle”

  1. Really, nothing is too small to stop us and nothing is too big to miss. infact the bigger the better.


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