A Little Chaos

Yesterday, I had a domestic accident. More like witnessed one.

As I lay my puny head down, slowly drifting off to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, I heard a loud sound! Like the shattering of a million dishes… It startled the sleep out of me and instantly, I knew what it was.

My sink cabinet thingamajig had come bowing, owing to the dislocation of its ankle. My OCD was tempted to jump up and clean it up, but my sanity rebuffed! When I woke up with the sun as my unwanted compass, I could clearly see the disaster the incident had birthed. My precious china, my beloved mug, my multi-purpose tray, just name it…
Thank God for dirty dishes, those were the ones that didn’t bite the dust, as they were sheltered, basking in the protection of their tiny sink abode.
Mind you, I made no move to clean up the mess when I got up, I simply went about my day like everything was normal – except of course that I was careful not to get my feet slashed by broken glass.

And just in case you so earnestly want a moral to the story, think of this… Some times in our desperation to fix things, we mess ourselves up so much more. We incite our brains, get our minds riled up and disturb our spirits, all because we are too tidy to live in a little chaos.

Most of the time, it’s not the chaos that really troubles you. It’s the amount of trouble you generate while struggling to ‘de-chaosify’ things (prematurely), that’s what’s driving the chaos. Stop feeding it!

This story was inspired by a video I shared on my Instagram page. You can also connect the video to this story if you want, I mean, it was done on a microwave instead of a table top, the granola could signify chaos and the milk; the calm that douses it. Or you could just see it as it is- as a random video of a midnight snack, edited thus for the love of the song.

How’s that for a little chaos?


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