And Sow what?!

No, we don’t eat a seed, why would someone eat a seed?!

These were the words a five year old said to me today.

It was on a lovely bus ride we had in the early hours of the morning. Said lad had just told me about the many seeds they have in their house and in the usual way adults try to engage kids and ask them funny (& let’s be honest a lot of times stupid) questions, I asked him, so do you eat the seeds?

The response was so stern and full of conviction that I had no choice but to think deeply into it. We don’t eat seeds.

Things may be hard (in the planting phase), there might be lots of sacrifices and things you’d have to give up or put up with, you might not be able to splurge or do some basic things that you feel you should be able to, but wait for the harvest, take time to bake your bread.

When those turbulent times come (& I assure you they will come) and you feel shaken, and like you gotta yield. When you want to damn it all and spend your time and money on what you’d like to do (at the moment). When you feel like it doesn’t really matter, why not do what I want to do at any given time? Let these words ring loudly inside your head.

…WE DON’T EAT SEEDS! Why would someone eat a seed?!



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