“Tell ‘Em”

“Tis a great confidence in a friend to tell him your faults; greater to tell him his.”- Benjamin Franklin

Yo you know how you have friends and it’s always easier to think of telling them the truth than actually doing it? Well if you don’t have that challenge, that’s awesome, we probably need to know how you do it.

But if you can relate, then you know it’s not always that easy, to say the hardest things about yourself, and more so, about the other person.

One thing you have to realize though, is that it is your duty to share the truth with whoever you are in any form of relationship with. You owe it to them to say what you have to say and then let them decide how they want to deal with it.

I personally struggled (or I’m struggling) with this, especially the telling my friend my fault bit, it’s easier written on paper and talked about how it can be done than actually saying it the way it should be said.

Also understanding that if your friend (or someone you share a close connection with) has something that you know may hamper their relationship/ performance with others, YOU MUST TELL ‘EM.. Even if you think, you can take it, ask yourself whether others can too.

It may not always be pleasant, but it’s ideal, learn to put feelings aside so Truth can do its work.

I mean, how many people would have been healed if they considered the taste of the pill or the pain of the injection syringe?

I bet a lot of people would be walking around with infested dentition instead of pulling out a bad tooth if we all avoided needed pain to get healed.

So next time, you want to avoid an unpleasant but necessary conversation, remember that that situation could become a whole lot worse if you don’t take action NOW.

NOW… Get To It..

Grace & Peace.


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