Just For The Sake Of It

You can make sense from ANYTHING! Mark my words.

Ok, so right now I’m sooooo excited, very very much so! I just received really great news. Wasn’t even expecting it.

The news hit me so hard I forgot what I was up to or what I planned to do. Forgot whether I was feeling bad, broke, or down, forgot everything! Yeah, that type of news…

And it got me thinking, Why do we bother so much about things? Why do we spend so much time planning and strategizing when anything can happen at any time? Carpe Diem! One of my best catch phrases. It’s your life though, live it and live it well.

Let me render my most sincere apologies to you if by any chance you read the above with intent and seriousness. It was all to prove my opening statement. The part about getting good news is real, but everything else was made up (on the spot here, as I typed).

So, my real point is, sometimes we spend too much time looking, searching and digging for a “meaning”. It’s absurd the amount of energy people put into explaining why things happen – especially those things they can’t control. Life is passing you by and you’re playing analyst. That’s fine, keep observing the stats while others play.

Even the above (paragraph) could still all be a load of horse-piss, or I could actually be on to something. The point is that things can exist or happen JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT!

Dear analyst, your coffee is getting cold. The players are having all the fun. Hey! Hey! Carpe Diem!

Seize the Day!


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