Choose Your Tech…

You either stumble on prompts, or you go seeking them out (like I did with the above image).

It’s like saying, you either wait for opportunity to fall on your lap, or you go looking for it.

I just made a decision. I mean it, like right now, as I write this. Otherwise, I can’t become what I want to be. My blog, business, projects and all, can’t evolve to what they could be if I keep waiting for the weather to change.

Seasons come and go, mankind understood that they needed to do something to regulate that, that’s where technology came in. Air conditioners, heaters, irrigation systems, fertilizers and the likes.

Technology could mean anything to you. To someone that’s hurting and healing, it could mean using practical steps to deal; joining a support group or something. To a single working-class mother, it could be toys and YouTube. To a writer (like me), it could be prompts – deliberately sort out.

Bottom line: moods, situations, seasons and disposition will not suffice in the race of consistency in creativity. Nope, they won’t get you across.

So choose your tech, because there’s a reason the word “serendipity” isn’t used often…


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