Being Fine: Now A Problem?

How are you? FINE!

You are fine. You are always fine. And that’s your problem.

Under the sun oh, or in the rain, that’s you. In death oh or in birth, never changing, fine in the morning oh, fine in the evening, fine in winter, fine in summer… Finally you’re just a world of fineness and nothing can touch you.

That’s not a complement, far from it. It’s a disease, one I understand because I’ve also had to struggle with it.
Never being able to share with people that really care and are really there to help you through whatever is heartbreaking, it’s burdening and downright destructive.

I decided to give myself license to NOT be fine and also understand that I don’t have to bear the burden alone. So when I meet someone that genuinely cares enough- to reach out, I try to share. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but I think it’s the healthiest.

So next time someone asks “How are you?” And really means it… Tell them how you really are, you owe it to them, you owe it to yourself.

Now…How Are You?
Yes You!
(Let’s meet in the comment section)


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