You Can’t Lose at Both Ends

As a teenager whenever I was out later than my curfew, I had this mindset. If I’m out -not from any emergency, but because well turn down for what, I tell myself, stay in the moment dude, you can’t lose at both ends.

I can’t be out, supposedly having fun and be worried about the trouble I was going to get into when I got back home. That seemed like a flipping waste of time to me. I’m either home in time or I’m not. If I wasn’t gonna make my curfew, then I rather enjoy the flip out of whatever I was doing.

It’s a complete waste of time, not being home but also not having fun where I am, literally a lose-lose. So that’s my philosophy, you can’t help what will happen or what it will lead to, and if that’s the case, then focus on where you are right now and enjoy every bit of it.

I’m not ouchea telling you that there is impending doom, to be honest there might be some more darkness before dawn but you can’t help or determine that. Don’t lose to fear. Don’t let the fear of the flipping unknown (or even the known) take your life while you have it.

…Stay in the moment dude, you can’t lose at both ends.

You will make it, one way or the other.
Say this (Quote from Wide Open by Dawna Markova) with me:

“I will not die an unlived life, I will not live in fear…”

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