Don’t Go Back In The Water…fool!

You know the way most of us (humans) almost never finish the recommended dosage of drugs prescribed by our Doctor? Yeah, that’s stupid.

Hey hey hey, I said Us, not U, (or maybe Us is just the plural of U, hmmm).

Anyway, yeah, it’s crazy, but true. When we feel sick, it can be so intense, our heads may be banging, our body feels like it may have given up on us, and we just feel like a rolled up ball of crap!

All of a sudden, due to drugs or natural causes, we start to feel better, so much better that it’s soooo hard to remember how we felt when we were sick (& dying), then what do we do, fail to complete our meds. Why?


We foolishly think that feeling better equals total healing.

Emotionally, this is the worst. You get out of a toxic or messed up space and a breath later you feel you’re good, absolutely good, completely healed. Have no need to stay on course, watch yourself, build immunity and keep healing.

Much like someone that’s saved from a drowning experience. Now they breathe Oxygen and then they forget how they almost died, so what do they do? Go back and play in the water, when they are not equipped to swim that deep.


Are you equipped to swim as deep as you’re swimming? Or you just being reckless like the rest of us.

We. All. Still. Need. Healing.


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