I am ready to admit that I’m flawed.

You can’t work on a piece of land you don’t know you have.

I’ve said that so many times. In the same way, you can’t work on a weakness you’ve not admitted to.

By the way, I think I’m sick of hearing people talk and write about “self-love”, at least in the way it’s mostly talked about. Most of the times, the posts or conversations I hear on it are from an insecure perspective. From an “I can’t possibly be all that, but let me pose for a bit” stand point.

If you have self-love, most times you’ll never even talk about it. It’s not something to brag about or try to prove to other people that you have, it’s something you have, something you subconsciously are and do…without even trying. So instead of giving into posting and/or having shallow conversations, consider first really paying SERIOUS attention to nurturing your self-esteem into health!

This is it! My flaw(s), my weakness(es).
I get easily derailed. I attack conventions. I am anything but succinct. As evidenced by the above.
Now I’ve admitted it, let me see what I can make of that land.

And you? Do you have any property you’re yet to discover?


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