You Are Not Your Mistakes?

You are not your mistakes!

This is one (motivational) line that I’ve seen gain traction over the years and as someone who is big on nurturing a healthy self esteem, I’m inclined to go by it.

Yes! You shouldn’t attach your self esteem to achievements, whether good or bad, you are worth so much -invaluable in fact- regardless of what you achieve (or don’t)! But let’s face facts, in many ways, we really are our mistakes.

Mistakes are a result of our choices, and our lives are an accumulation/reflection of choices made over time.

Proposing that our mistakes don’t “make” us is akin to saying that our choices don’t shape us.

So should we go on pretending that the mistakes we make (over time) will in no way affect us; our careers, businesses, families, or future in anyway?

…Now that would be a mistake!


2 thoughts on “You Are Not Your Mistakes?

  1. I trained myself to react better when i make mistakes and also change my response to others when they make mistakes. Grace provided to yourself and others when we make a mess is so crucial I think.

    Great post


    1. That is so true! Admitting our mistakes and learning from them to move on can only mostly be achieved by cutting ourselves some slack, big enough for mistakes to fit.


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