Erosions & Intersections

The way I see it, no road is wrong if it gets you to your destination.

Don’t get me wrong, I meant that if a road leads to where you want to go, then it’s not exactly a wrong road, yeah? Roads are not right or wrong in and of themselves, but in relation to your destination.

Say a person was looking for an erosion site and has searched all over until they finally found how to get to one. Here they are, driving down the road that leads to this massive erosion and people keep stopping them to say “Hey turn back!” “You’re going the wrong way”, “You’re on the wrong road”. To the well meaning people, the person is headed the wrong way, but to the person seeking an erosion, they’re exactly on the path they need to be on.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with addictions. Addictions are not wrong (in themselves), but where they could potentially lead to is worth looking into.

That said, should our questions and concerns really be on whether something is good or bad (enough) to be addicted to? Or, should it rather be on whether said addiction gets one to where they’re headed?

Now, here you are, at this very important intersection, there are several roads, and none is wrong if it gets you to where you’re headed.

So, I ask… Where you headed?

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