Filter the Filters

Don’t let other people’s filters change your picture.

Like, that’s it right? Need I say more? I don’t think so.

Still, here it goes…

We have so many filters available to us now, so many tools to edit our images with, so many ways to crop, so many photo-altering apps. And at the risk of making a corny connection, it’s kinda the same way with our lives…

Opinions. Other people’s reality and experiences. Trends. (Our) fears and doubts. Filters, mostly cast upon us by others. Potentially image altering filters. Filter them. Filter the filters. Filter their filters. Filter your filters.

Not all ladders take you up to where you wanna go.

(Random but necessary quote)

Most things don’t have inherent value. It’s based on utility. What does it mean to you? What can it do for you? Where can it take you to?

So, next time you’re presented with a potentially life-transforming tool or you’re faced with a mind-blowing opportunity… Ask yourself; is that the filter I need for the image I have in mind?

Is it?


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