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Your experience is not a template.

Your lessons are not “one size fits all”

Your coping mechanism are not universal formulas.

Don’t use your own experience out of context or the experiences of others as well. You can use what others have gone through or how they’ve succeeded as a point of reference, but it is not as definite as people might want to make it seem.

They’re a thousand ways to get something done.

Don’t be too foolish not to observe and learn. But also, don’t be too scared not to dare and explore.

You will be surprised what you’ll find on the other side of giving it a try because you feel so so and so way about it. I’ve once heard it said that no one has lived this life before. We are all experiencing this day for the first time. So as much as experience is good, your thoughts, ideas and perceptions about the world matters. Trust your guts, give your all, read random short and (seemingly) insightful quotes like this. And above all, make an effort to actually live… By trying!

You have experience because you’re living. Don’t downplay it. But also don’t take it out of proportion.

Know what to take when you need to (from others) and know what to do when you have to (look within)!

If this has all been hazy to you, then don’t sweat it, you only need to remember to live, live like you mean to live.

And if you like… damn it and insert your own insightful piece.


2 thoughts on “Inserts Insightful Title

  1. Don’t live for someone else’s successes. Don’t not try because of someone’s failures.
    Also. Don’t live only for your own highs and don’t avoid your own lows.
    Please write more on this topic! It’s beautiful.

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