World Peace?

I’m not the most forgiving person.

I don’t take pride in it, it’s not like one of those things that people put forward as a flaw but still somehow find a way to brag with.

For example (someone says)
I’m a very short tempered person, I can’t take sh*t from anyone. I’ll give it to you the way I feel. I say things the way it is on my mind. That’s just the way I am. (Please shatap! Stop disturbing our peace with that garbage) But before I get more side tracked than I already am…

Back to not being the most forgiving person. It’s easy for me to “judge” people when they fail to meet up on things that’s been agreed on.
My mind just goes in super analytic mode, like Why can’t people do what they say? Why will people be late? Why do they take rain-checks? Why would they do something that would hurt me?

And if I’m being honest, there’s almost none of the questions that couldn’t have been asked of me at some point in life. But the difference here is that I know MY REASONS and I am able to cut my self some slack because I know what happened that made me not meet up to the commitment, I know why I (unavoidably) ran late or why I had to take a rain-check. I know I (almost) never mean to hurt someone. I know all these because I am part of my own process, so it’s not hearsay.

It’s easy to forgive, when the person you have to forgive is you.

Empathy though is one thing that helps me deal. It helps me combat my unforgiving nature. Trying to see things from another person’s perspective is something that could potentially bring world peace. How much less your little misunderstandings.

Empathy! You should check it out.

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