“Let’s Wing It”

One thing that we undermine a lot in our daily lives is “Strategy”, a lot of us live recklessly with no coordination or agenda all in the name of spontaneity, in the name of “Winging It

To wing it is an idiom that means to improvise, to do something without proper preparation or time to rehearse. People often talk about winging it when they have to do something difficult that they didn’t have time to prepare — like a make speech or give a presentation. They might say something like “Sorry if I seem a bit disorganized, I’m totally winging it.” You tell people that you’re winging it, that you’re improvising, so that they won’t expect too much from you, or so that they will be more forgiving if you make a mistake.

(The above definition was gotten here)

We think we can always “Wing it”, funny thing is that I can relate to both ends. How?

Well, on one side I can be a very planned person, always putting strategies together for a cause, but on the other side, I can like to just let things play out as we go, but I tell you (from experience), it’s better to plan, and then wing it if some things don’t fall in place than really just letting everything go the way it pleases.

A very popular quote says;

“If you fail to plan, You plan to fail”- Benjamin Franklin

There are no two ways to say this (well maybe there are), but it’s very important for you to get this clear; STRATEGY IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE in relation to any and everything we do. Strategy makes you stand out in business and life as a whole.

It’s what sets Great ventures apart, it’s what makes businesses loom and destinies flourish, STRATEGY.

Yeah, I know sometimes, it feels like a whole waste of time and resources, but then at the end planning/ having a strategy actually saves you a lot of stress.

Don’t just jump into a new day/ week/ month without thinking, strategizing and setting in place what and what you require to make the day.

This is another opportunity to practice, a new day is here, in a new week in a new month,

Stop “Winging”, Start “Planning”.

Grace & Peace.

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