“Don’t Stay Down”

“Let Nothing Steal Your Joy”

Have you noticed that you can barely get anything done when you’re grouchy, depressed or generally downtrodden?

That moment (or those days) you’re just “not yourself” cos you’re not happy, I bet everyone has had those.

So there’s Joy and there’s Happiness, both are cool oh but one is temporary and the other lasts longer, can you guess? You probably guessed right, you can be Happy this moment but Sad the next, but Joy is like that possession no situation/person can touch.

The scriptures say that the Joy of the Lord is our Strength and that ties Joy to strength in a way and ties weakness to a lack of Joy.

“JOY is an expression of the Spirit & Happiness is a reflection of the mind”

Since Joy is of the Spirit, you can get it simply by asking the Spirit of Joy (God’s Holy Spirit), just ask for His Spirit and Voila there you are, with the Spirit of Joy dwelling in You, and you bouncing along the way.

But on the topic of Happiness, there are certain things one can do to protect your State of Happiness.

Here are some Practical ways to help You stay Happy;

When you find yourself feeling down, try some of these things (that help me)

1. Eat something you haven’t eaten in a while. You know that nice delicacy or craving you’ve had in a while, satisfy it, indulge, your body will thank you, and most times your mood will too (Don’t say I said so oh)

2. Listen to some real good music/ Dance to songs you really Love (has a way of taking me out of the world or my present situation)

3. Exercise or do some Sport, basketball, Boxing, running etc, that physical exertion and excitement stimulates your mind and helps with your mood. Pick up a sport if you don’t have one, or adopt an exercise routine, it’ll help.

4. See a Good Movie/ Or Read a good book, another way of calming the mind and helping you recalibrate your emotions

5. Complete a task you’ve put off for a while now or at least make concrete plans to initiate it.

6. Pray. You can’t stay anxious or worried when you’ve prayed about something bothering you, (see Phil 4:6-7)

Whatever You do, don’t allow anything to tamper with your State of Happiness, let the Joy within gain expression and spread Happiness to You and to your environment.

Sad and grouchy people rarely have anything worthwhile to offer. The world comes alive when you see it in colors.

Be Happy, Be Joyful. Be Strong.

Grace & Peace.

2 thoughts on ““Don’t Stay Down”

  1. Obianujuamara April 26, 2018 — 02:04

    This is very timely for me and I think that I’m going to do all the six suggestions.

    Well done and keep up with the good work.


    1. ebubeaguquotes April 26, 2018 — 05:38

      Hehehe, thanks a lot. Wow, going for all 6? Well whatever you do, don’t be exhausted in trying to “become” happy, just let it flow.

      Thanks for the encouragement. G & P.


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