“Power Of Focus”

Did you know?

That most people end up becoming like their parents (or guardians or whoever they were exposed to while growing up)?

Did you know that many abusive men had abusive fathers who they swore to never emulate?

Then, what happened? Focus did. Whatever you focus on; think about, see, and put your mind on, would be reflected in your life.

It doesn’t really matter that the young man kept saying “I will not be like my father, I will not be like my father”, what really mattered was that he was focusing on who his father was and what he did and therefore he was bound to replicate.

Here’s one of my Poems (from my book “We All Need Healing”) that exemplifies this;



Man Vexed

Eyes Red

Tempers Flared

Punches Shared

Woman Weeps

Body beaten

Face Swollen

Heart broken

Boy sits

Sits & Learns

Learns the ways

The ways of ‘Monster’…

Boy grows up

Becomes Man

Man vexed

‘Monster’ appears…

Now this post is not about violence or abuse, but on the Power Of Focus. It doesn’t really matter whether the young man said he will or will not do what the father did, what matters was that that was all he had to focus on, he had no other examples to stay his mind on, to meditate on and emulate.

“What you Focus on is amplified and is eventually manifested in your life”

Watch the things that you’re constantly thinking about and putting your focus on, cos it’s like a magnet, as you do so, opportunities in that direction become available and it’s not every kind of opportunity you want.

“Apply yourself and your FOCUS energy to the right direction for it will pull to you what it contains”


You have the power to change what happens in your life by deciding to shift what you focus on.

Don’t forget that.


Grace & Peace.


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