Relax relax, it’s a lie… More like a “joke” or April fools or something.What do you think about April Fools though? I for one I’m naturally mischievous, I Love pranks and playing around. But I’ve realized that there’s a very thin line between that and not being trustworthy.

It’s easy to think “Oh but I’m just playing.” And the “playee” may even get the joke but may also subconsciously form a mindset of shiftiness about you.

Check this out;

I’ve learnt that the greatest people are the ones who their words carry the most power. These ones are generally called people of GREAT integrity cos they’ve built a reputation of living up to what they say… People often value words on the basis of the source over the content. Even the creator placed HIS Word above himself (Ps 138:2c), so much so that He’s bound to ANYTHING He says…

Just imagine that the only chains strong enough to hold GOD are His own words, and you wonder why His Words are immutable or irrefutable? How do you want to be seen? I personally want my words to have weight, I want to be reputable,

I want to have I N T E G R I T Y.

The thing about your words is that they would weigh as much as you’ve proven them to weigh in the past. If you’re one to talk and not follow through, then be sure to be addressed like that in no time.

I can simply define INTEGRITY as SAYING WHAT YOU MEAN, & MEANING WHAT YOU SAY! It doesn’t come easy, but when you decide to and constantly discipline yourself, you learn to uphold your words and they tend to mean something to people.It’s a principle, it’s a choice, it’s a way of life.

Choose to make your words mean something… Let people be able to confidently take your word to the bank. Otherwise, the alternative is depressing.

Grace & Peace


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