Eureka Eureka!!! I Love Eureka moments, you know that light bulb moment that makes you feel you’ve gotten all you could ever need, awesome right? Check this out;

An Idea is like wine… It gets better with time.

But depending on what you do in that time, that’s what will help you and the said Idea.

Today my books “We All Need Healing” were delivered to me and indeed it was a GOOD FRIDAY. But then holding this “child” in my hands reminds me of the journey thus far, from the conception of the idea to the incubation and on to the delivery.

I remember how the Idea was, lacked all the precision and tact, all there was was the vision and that was what was driving me.

Many of the plans I hatched have been changed along the way, when I say “Many” I actually mean most.

But what kept me focused was the vision.

“Now you need to understand that the ROUTE may change, but the DESTINATION stays the same.”

So in the journey of life, the roads are not as important as the vision.

This does not mean that “The ends justifies the means”, rather it means that the Vision will drive you to take any NECESSARY path that can lead you to it. The Vision keeps you pushing, that idea that was lit in your mind should keep evolving, evolving to be better not to stop existing.

Ideas are like little babies, bearing so much potential but if not properly groomed will not mature to the excellent stature they were designed to.

So get that idea, hold on tenaciously to it, don’t get sentimental about means and channels, stay glued with the vision, and don’t let it go.

That’s they way to see an IDEA come to Life.

Now go nurture!

Grace & Peace.

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