“It wasn’t me”

There’s the popular phrase in my country now;

“Change begins with you”

Basically, what it tells me is that I should BE THE CHANGE I WANT TO SEE.

So I tell you also to;

“Be the change YOU want to See.”

Don’t you think it’s high time you stopped complaining about what is wrong with the environment, with the system, with the world? Don’t you think you’ve played the blame game for way too long? Don’t you think a different approach will be nice?

I saw somewhere that people who rarely blame others for what happens to them are more likely to succeed and be happy in comparison to people who will always find a way to pass the blame.

On a lighter note, do you remember the hit song in 2000 by Shaggytitled “It Wasn’t Me“? Well if you don’t even know the song then you’re probably too young to be reading this (relax, I’m just kidding). Anyway, in the song his girlfriend apparently catches him REDHANDED “messing around” with another lady and he uses the whole song to deny that what was him was as a matter of fact, not actually him.

He didn’t want any of the blame, he didn’t want a piece of that action, he only wanted to have fun and get away with it.

But then as a man (Shaggy) got older and wiser, he realized that he should own up to his actions. Here’s what he said;

And after nearly 2 decades later, he comes out to take the blame for what he “did” a long time ago.

Seriously though, get the picture.

You Are Responsible for the outcome of your life!

So back to our original quote, I know you have friends, and people that are around you, but people mostly do so because of what you’ve shown them and that is why even as the scripture say in Proverbs 18:24; He that has friends, must show himself friendly.

Start learning to be the type of person you want to meet, help people the way you want to be helped, care for people like you’d like, you never know, you might just be teaching someone how to be better in ONE way or the another.

Grace & Peace.

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