“Room for Improvement.”

​Before holding on to yourself

Before insisting on “being you”

Before being careful not to “lose yourself”

Find out if you know who you really are
Then decide if that person should be held on to

Or let go…

Have you ever met people who say things like “I just want to do me” or “I’m only being myself” and things like that?
These people are rarely ever willing to change ANYTHING about themselves, they believe they’re “unique in their own way” and don’t need to change anything about themselves.

Here’s a quick and direct message:

You are not the saviour of mankind or the greatest thing to hit the earth, YES You’re very uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made, you are SPECIAL, that’s the truth, but you are NOT perfect, above corrections or flaws and you are certainly not beyond change.

Many times we address general esteem issues, and then people get some and sometimes pump it to overdrive and find it hard to moderate.

Life is not all about you, there’s so much you can learn if you only cared to be humble enough to SEEK, LISTEN, & LEARN.

So in your bid to “be yourself” and all that, never forget that there’ll ALWAYS be room for improvement.

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