“God Bleeds!”

“To everyone like me, in need of healing;

May you find the Joy that numbs the pain

May you find the Faith that makes you see again

May you find the Peace that lightens the weight

And may you find the Love that expels the hate”

You know, I’ve realized something, that everyone is Hurting/ Healing in one way or another, and I mean EVERONE, no exceptions, big, small, rich, poor, “black” or “white” EVERYONE!

People are hurting, needing, bleeding, seeking, asking, growing, loving, hoping, learning, correcting, rehabilitating, giving, hating, forgiving… Believing…

And people need Hope, they need Healing. People can sometimes find healing in their work, they can find it in their relationships, they can find it in family and so on… But most importantly, people find TRUE Healing in LOVE.

We humans were made in God’s image and we should realize that as the scriptures say “GOD IS LOVE”

WARNING!!! Brace yourself, I’m about to do some Spiritual Logic.

If the scriptures say that “The Life of a creature is in its blood” (Leviticus 17:11), now assuming God had blood (looking at Him from our human perspective), that would mean that His Life is also in His blood. The only thing that God was ever directly equated to is LOVE.

So if the Life of a creature is in its blood, and God Is Love (1 John 4:8) that’ll mean that the Life of God is in (His) Love.

“In essence, giving someone LOVE can be equated to giving them God!”

We as humans were made in God’s image, and the only thing that can really sustain us and make us what we’re meant to be is LOVE (God). That’s how our healing comes, by LOVE, everyone needs Love in their lives, everyone needs God to survive.

So if God were ever to actually have (what we know as) blood, and If God’s blood were ever to be tested, His blood type would be TYPE LOVE.

“God Bleeds… He Bleeds Love”

We need to start giving out our own bit of God to people all around us, we need to help people Heal by giving them the Love that is capable of healing them. No one is exempted, NO ONE, We all need this Love in our Lives, WE ALL NEED HEALING. So, don’t hold back someone’s remedy, let’s spread the healing, let’s spread the Love.

In the Spirit of giving Love & Healing, there’s this book;


A Collection of Poems by Yours truly (Ebube Agu)

Due for release on the best Friday there is, THE GOOD FRIDAY. Friday, March the 30th, 2018!

(More details coming soon) For more information OR to pre-order (because you believe the movement); Call +2348077373595 or email ebubechukwuagu@gmail.com

#MCM #WeAllNeedHealing #HelpSomeoneHeal #JoinTheMovement30


1 thought on ““God Bleeds!”

  1. Agbo F.C Violet September 8, 2018 — 03:31

    hmmmmmm. we all need healing.
    thank you for this.

    Liked by 1 person

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