Fine Girl, Fine Girl…

Why do you treat men like trash?

Why are you always so rash?

You’ve got to appreciate these men

Who find the nerve to talk to you

“Hey there, you look familiar

Are You my girlfriend in the future?”

“Hello Baby, may I call you “the bomb”

Cos you’ve blown my mind away?”

“Excuse me miss, you dropped something

Your gorgeousness, it’s littered everywhere”

“Can I buy you a drink?

Cos you look hot my dear.”

“How well do you dance?

Cos my heart beats for you”

Like fishermen, these men try to use good lines

Day and night they strive, baiting their hooks

You have to know it’s not as easy as it looks

Nor is it as smooth as it sounds in books

These are the things that men go through

Only to gain access to you

No, they’re no poets but at least they try

Laboring tirelessly to get You to say “Hi”

So next time a man picks up the boldness

And walks all the way to talk to you

Please Don’t shoot him down,

Just appreciate the line he prepared specially for you.

Ladies please take the advice above, take it easy on the brothers oh, and brothers, try to step up your game a little, maybe what you need is to read my book (a collection of poems) We All Need Healingto be released on the 30th of March, 2018. (Contact me here for more info +2348077373595 or ebubechukwuagu@gmail.com)

So to all my Fishermen, Come pick up a line or two, so that fine girl will look at you…

Grace & Peace


2 thoughts on ““Fishermen”

  1. Not when he uses cheesy lines.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ebubeaguquotes March 26, 2018 — 09:59

      Hehe, that’s right, the Fishermen need to step up their game. But the “fishes” need to also realize that the lines do not really determine what kind of men the fishermen are, so maybe sometimes (sometimes oh), the men should be considered over the lines 😁


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