“Watchman… Watch It!”

And God said…

These Words are SPIRIT and LIFE…

Verse 18: As a Righteous person (note As a Righteous person oh) You don’t have the license of stagnancy. Our Mandate is progressive in nature. Our movement is from GLORY to GLORY.

A better yesterday is a taboo in our kingdom (Yahweh’s kingdom)

We keep moving, getting and growing better, stronger and deeper…

Verse 20-22: Wisdom is not something you stumble on. You seek it.

Just as you consciously seek, find and connect to Wifi… The word there is INCLINE, like tuning your radio to get a particular station.

When you find It, then you encounter Life and Health.

So why stay foolish and ignorant?

Verse 23: Another translation says GUARD your heart. Why? It determines the COURSE of your life. It’s like a steering wheel, it will move your life in the direction it will go.

I don’t think it’s a secret that

“Your Life is a reflection of Your predominant thoughts”…

So I don’t need to be a psychic to know what and how you think, I just need to WATCH your Life.

What are the things you are letting into your heart (mind & thoughts)? Is that what you really want your life to look like?

Wisdom is SURELY justified of Her Children (fruits)… Luke 7:35

I say it again, I don’t need to do this…


To know what You’re thinking, Why? Because if I let Time take its course, I’ll easily know what and how you think. Why? Because your words may lie, but not the things you consistently do.

This can be a model for you to CHECK YOURSELF to see where your life’s at. You may think this of yourself and think that, but HOW you are (now) is WHO you truly are (right now). You might make all the confessions and professions you can, but if it’s not in tandem with your actions and life, then you’re yet to be inclined to those ideologies.

Your beliefs are not what you say, but what you do!

Put differently,

“Your BELIEFS are known not by what You SAY, but by what You DO”.

So you wish to Advance, To imbibe and exhibit those things You’ve known and believed?

Then I guess it’s time to become a Watchman over your heart, and decide what goes in, what stays and what becomes a permanent tenant.


Grace & Peace!

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