“Women Vs Poetry”

I learned today is world poetry day, yeeiiiii!!!! Something for us at last.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that ‘Woman’ rhymes with ‘Poetry’, eh maybe not literally but you get what I mean. Women are a big part of (my) poetry, as they’re one of the wonders of the world.

So here’s to my darling poetry, and to the best muse you could ever find; Women… May we never stop making magic with our words and stories.

Here’s a poem I wrote a while ago (yes, inspired by a woman)


I went out early this morning for a walk, to speak with my Lord, but what I saw next was crazy and down right absurd

I saw a girl in bum shorts and long transparent tights, I tried so hard to look up, I tried with all my might

I guess she was going to buy something, my guess is something spicy, so for the sake of this tale I’ll like to call her Maggi

Maggi swayed and swayed but most of all stayed, stayed on the screen of my eyes but more so my mind

Who sent this one my way, just when I came to pray

The better man in me told me to turn, but the ‘wise one’ decided to face his problems and rather not run

I tried to think of Angel Gabriel and all things pure, But it was only the thought of Maggi that was sure to endure

Maggi had been ‘sent’ to disturb my mind and quiet time, so I ‘jejely’ went back home, to avert a potential crime.

So today I learnt my lesson a lesson so dear, that the best way to go when fighting temptations is to steer absolutely clear…

So here’s to MAGGI, the girl who won’t let me be…

Here’s to everyone who seek a certain rhythm in their lives & relationships

Here’s to every muse, every beauty and every reason to write…



Since I’ve given you some of my poetry, let me go ahead to showcase some FAAAAYYYNN (FINE) ladies I’ve met in this my short life.

CHINENYE (God Gives), truly a gift to this earth. Economic Guru, World Changer, Avid Planner, Soft Hiker, Fine Hair Carrier… Heart of a mother, Eyes of Beauty, Mind of Wonder! (IG- @loveojimba)

Next… CHIDIMMA (God is Good), and His goodness can be seen in her life truly. Elegant, Graceful and Energetic. Food Enthusiast, Authentic Lawyer, Killer Smile-r… (IG- @zayithfood_co @chidimmamba)

Ahhhh, And here we have OBIANUJU (Born in the midst of Plenty), and you can be sure her skill sets and talents are as plenty as a young lady can carry… World Class Writer, In-depth Thinker, People Helper, Unique Character, Coke Drinker and Sweet Pelzin (person) (IG- @obianuju.nnedinma @925_company)

Ehen! The queen is here; OZIOMA (Good News), does she not already look like good news? Practically everything about her is good. Good Heart to help Children, Good brain for hitting two deep degrees back to back, Good Laugh for curing illnesses, Good Body for looking fine, Good hands for baking badt!, Good voice for melting hearts, Good Spirit for Loving her Lord… And Good-ness! I better stop here. (IG- @zheebenson)

And if it’s not ADAEZE! (Daughter of the King) & she knows that she is, because she takes after her Father in Creating (any and everything awesome she can), In Speaking (Words of Hope and Peace to the world), In Giving VIBES (that should be read and heard by all), in making Music that will affect your heartbeat, in being awesome everyday she knows how to. (IG- @ada_ume)

Now don’t ask me if it’s Poetry or Women that I’m celebrating, just be A-Mused… *winks*

Grace & Peace!

#WorldPoetryDay #WomanCrushWednesday #WeAllNeedHealing #Maggi.


2 thoughts on ““Women Vs Poetry”

  1. Definitely celebrating poetry aka women!😅
    Yes to steering clear, always!
    Can’t believe my face is on ya blog! Mama I made it! 😩


    1. ebubeaguquotes March 23, 2018 — 17:46

      Hehe, patronage, cute… You can see why y’all A-muse us a lot. 🙌🏾


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