“Self Made!”

Today’s message is to all of us, who’ve worked so hard to become what we are (becoming), we’ve made sacrifices, disciplined ourselves, denied ourselves of some things we should have enjoyed, but for the hunger to fulfill purpose, we stayed focused.

Here’s a message to YOU!

‘I’m a self made man’… These MY SON are words you should never utter! There are no self made men ANYWHERE… You’re a product of GOD, the Unity of your PARENTS and countless ENCOUNTERS put together.”

No matter what you’re doing (or did) to succeed, you CANNOT possibly be “self made”.

No one is trying to discredit you or your years of hardwork, no one is trying to take away your Glory, no one is trying to make you feel less of who you are, BUT!


When exactly did you start the “self making”, was it when you engineered your birth, or when you took care of yourself as a baby? Or with all the help you got growing up when you couldn’t help yourself?
Oh! You think that doesn’t count?

Ok, answer these questions;
Would you be here if you weren’t born? Would you be here if you weren’t nurtured when you were barely aware of your existence? Would you be here if no one gave you nought to eat or sheltered you (in some way)?

If your answer to the questions above is NO, then I think you get my point.
The devil aims to make men disbelieve the idea that we’re connected to something (or in this case someone) infinitely higher and greater than us but we should know better.

We are INTERDEPENDENT on one another and on our source and creator, we shouldn’t deny ourselves the strength that can be obtained when we let others in. It is no cliché that “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”.

Don’t be deceived into thinking you got “here” all by yourself or that moving forward, you can take it from here.
Your life is like A SHIP!

You need a CREW in order to get to where you’re going, Yes you might be the Captain, but Who will help you work the Sails, who will help you ward off enemies, who will help you fight the storms when they come?

Who will play games with you, see the Sun and Moon with you? Who will encourage you when you’re down and lack hope? Who will direct you, show you the way to go in this vast and (seemingly) unending sea (called Life)?

This is where I come in, This is where You come in, This is where God comes in… We are all a part of one another, don’t shun your crew in the journey of life. Everyone needs a CREW (Friends, Colleagues, Family, Random Strangers/Helpers, etc) to successfully get to their destination.
Now, you’re in a SHIP, Your Life is the Ship… It is a “Relation-Ship”, treat it accordingly…


“If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together” (African Prove

Mind Your Ties. 

Service Your Alliances. 

Trust your Helpers, & Reach out when necessary


2 thoughts on ““Self Made!”

  1. Independence is a myth!


    1. ebubeaguquotes March 1, 2018 — 17:17

      A big one. Easy to believe but false to the core


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