“The Dream, The Chase and The Forgotten”

I Had A Dream… I Remember.

I Remember My dreams, aspirations and fantasies.

I Remember My hopes, my wishes, my longings.

I Remember.

I Remember how much I wanted to play basketball

I Remember how the NBA seemed to be my ultimate goal

I Remember how I wanted to be everything I possibly could.

A Basket Baller, Photographer, Rapper, Lecturer, Model, Actor, & Yes even President

I Remember how I wanted a house so big it would seem like an estate

It would have a pool, tennis court, basketball court, & even a helipad

I Remember how I dreamed of being sooo rich, so wealthy & so popular

I wanted so badly to be a household name, wanted it all, the glamour & the fame

I Remember.

I Remember how much I wanted to help everyone I possibly could.

I Remember how my heart would break whenever I saw someone in dire need

I Remember.

I Remember my dream woman, Whew! She was nothing short of perfect.

She had the long hair, could cook all the delicacies known to man & was terrific at video games

I Remember I dreamed we would race cars, travel the world & have about 12 kids

I Remember how I dreamed there was none as beautiful as her on earth.

I Remember my dreams of a first class bachelors degree, a doctorate & then some

I wanted to read books, watch movies, see the world, skydive & be all I could possibly be

I Remember all these, that was a while ago. Some recent, others a lot older.

I Remember many I’ve forgotten, & some still being strongly held on to

[I Remember my life changing when I met you. Everything I wanted was pushed aside just to be with you

I Remember wanting nothing else but eternity with yo

I Remember becoming a new man for you, old things were truly left behind

I Remember being captivated by your Love & having the world wonder

I wouldn’t trade what I have with you for anything, You & I are here to stay

Some would say you took away my dreams but I say that you became my dream.]

I Remember Now

I Remember then.

ALWAYS & Forever,

I Remember.

A Dream I had…

And the ones I have now


“Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams.

Don’t Wake Up to the “realities” of the World.

Chase Your Dreams & the World will follow.”


WAKE UP!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on ““The Dream, The Chase and The Forgotten”

    1. Thanks a lot. Gives me joy to inspire even if it’s just ONE person…

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