FireWoodI am a student of Philosophy and Psychology, and it’s days like these that make me remember why I love what I do so much. A lot of times people ask why the combination, don’t I think Psychology alone is ok, is the course worth all the stress? After proper reflection I have concluded that it is, it so is! Today we began a course titled Jurisprudence (Philosophy Of Law) and the lecturer did a good job in elucidating what it really is. We looked into ‘What Law is’ and ‘What it ought to be’, the debatable contrast between Moral and Legal correctness; the fact that something is legally right doesn’t make it morally right as well. We also looked into how jurisprudence is involved in basically almost every social situation.

Why I brought all this up is that I realized that a lot of people go through life without “thinking”, people just ‘up and act’, and this informs and fosters a lot of the chaos in the world today. I for one Love thinking, I Love breaking down concepts and looking into WHY something is and what makes it WHAT it is. I’m not saying everyone should love mental concepts as much as I do (my mum for instance doesn’t) but what I am saying is that we should THINK MORE, the scientists say that the average person uses 10% of their brain and this greatly disturbs me…

This is even more evident in this our (microwave) generation where life is LITERALLY ‘on the fast lane’ where people wanna be parents before getting married- them baby mamas and daddies, wanna get to the end before beginning…

MicrowaveWe don’t have time for things anymore, evident in places like Instagram where a video is limited to 15 seconds, or Facebook where people go past long posts (like this one) without even knowing or caring to find out what it’s about, or how that the movie industry is growing more rapidly at the indirect expense of the “Book” industry because we as a people are no longer invested in thinking or imagining.

We just want to see as it is without having to work or “stress ourselves”, hey don’t get me wrong; I love movies, heck I’m an actor, but I’ve put away my laptop for a while now and I’ve been reading more, more goes on in my head now than outside, I can have a community, a continent or even a Universe within and so I can create my own world (and not just internally too)I’ve also decided to deliberately THINK MORE from now, I pray some of you would join me to do same. To this effect I’ll be sharing somethings that come my way that can enhance my THOTT bank. I want to be one of the greatest thinkers ever, and believe me it doesn’t stop in thinking, it proceeds to ‘becoming’,

Proverbs 23 Verse 7

“…For as a man thinketh in His heart so is He.” Proverbs 23:7

Your deepest thoughts born out of deep-seated convictions end up becoming your actions, voluntarily or not.

Think On These Things… #THOTT.


  • This piece was written by an inspired student about two years ago and two years down the line, he still thinks it’s worth sharing with his congregation (or readers if you like)
  • Instagram videos were only 15 seconds long as at the time of this post, now it’s 1 minute long, but it didn’t exactly do anything to the “microwave mentality”.

And just In case you were carried away and didn’t pick up any lesson, just know that too much noise all the time will not let you maximize your potentials, know that you need time to reflect, meditate and create, know that you need TIME OUT WITH YOU!

Here’s one for the road;


2 thoughts on ““FIREWOOD or MICROWAVE?”

  1. thanks..very rich in words..God bless you..reading all ur updates daily


    1. Wow, thanks a lot for the Complements and Prayers Sir, it means so much.


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