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I guess the realization of this (above truth) was what hit me when I wrote this (below piece), at a time when I was at a low place, had made mistakes, taken some wrong turns, and badly wanted (& needed) a change…


Forgiveness… I guess You would never be needed if I never made mistakes.

Mistakes… If I could undo you, I would. You make me imperfect.

Imperfect… I guess without being you, I’d never hurt nor get someone hurt.

Hurt… You’ve seemed to be very much around me for long, you’ve choked Trust.

Trust… I thought I knew you, thought I had you, but looks like we just met, I need you to share Truth.

Truth… They don’t really know you in my life, but they think they do, I need to share you, but shame.

Shame… You make me withhold Truth and blind me from the Light.

Light… You were commanded to come out of me, because indeed I was in darkness.

Darkness… You’ve shown me no other way, with you I’m lost and need Salvation.

Salvation… I accept you for real, I know NOW that you were only made available by Grace.

Grace… I’ve always needed you, yet it seems I’ve always abused you, and truly I’m sorry.

Sorry… Is what I am for who I used to be. I wasn’t acting, I was broken. I needed healing.

Healing… I thought those I hurt needed you, but it turns out I needed you the most. I needed you so I could move on and go on with Change.

Change… Not known you for too long, but I’m glad I found you, you made me better.

Better… When I look at myself and look at the past, You’re all I can really be. Pity, I can’t be Perfect, although I don’t exactly need to be.

Better, As long as I’m ready to CHANGE, as long as I’m SORRY and as long as there’s TRUTH… I will get you. No! I will become you, EVERYDAY of my life: BETTER!!!

(An Excerpt from my upcoming book “We All Need Healing”)


…So Its Friday though, it could be “FriYay” or Flash Back, but Very importantly, Kick back!


Kick Back, take Stock, Get Set…

African Male

Look around, Spend quality time with Friends & Family, Invest in Relationships…

African Fashion

And don’t You DARE FORGET! To Live a little… 😏😁✌🏾

3 thoughts on ““PITY, I CAN’T BE PERFECT!”

  1. Madubuike Chisom January 13, 2018 — 07:35

    I love this post
    It’s inspiring and encouraging to know that I don’t really have to be perfect… I just need to get better… And I see a better me evolving. Well sir… Odogwu 1.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot. Let’s all keep investing in getting BETTER. That’s what Perfection is to us men… Getting Better Each Day (That is the path of the just)…


  2. This is beautiful!!! I’ve been learning to invest in relationships o, I wish I knew it’s importance earlier.

    Liked by 1 person

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