…And so one that particular Saturday, I was at the basketball court in the wee hours of the day, sitting out with my teammates, burnt from the scorching sun and not exactly pleased with its premature timing, exhausted from the game where we got served and patiently waiting for a chance at vendetta. Quite parched from all the physical and emotional strain, we resorted to small talk and comic trifling for relief. Whilst we were there, ‘Solomon’ my team mate was busy chewing away on iced water he just acquired. As there was no “liquid” water around, he had to make do with that to soothe his burning throat.

As I looked at him I made a comment as to how it’s even worse to chew that to replace our thirst for water and we quickly reminisced on the days as kids when chewing “ice block” was a hobby. After my disapproval however he continued and not long after, another teammate nearby noticed what was in his possession and asked for it.

Lo! I spontaneously reached out and asked to be given some first. I took a piece or two and it seemed the ice melted the stress and made me smile. We laughed over the fact that I grew interested in it because of someone else’s interest and I commented a bunch on how that is the dynamics of social conformity and attraction…

Moving on from that, the seconds turned to minutes and the minutes to hours, yet I couldn’t but wonder: “What made me SUDDENLY attracted to the same thing I had disapproved?” “Why the sudden CHANGE of interest?” “Why did the interest of another engineer mine?” As I thought on these things now I saw how much we as humans are affected by what others like and dislike. It’s as true as it is unfortunate, because we find that people muster hate for things they’d normally love and love for the ones they’d normally hate all because of the inclination of others.

Why is it the girl who is in a relationship that all the guys want? Why is the meal on the fellow’s plate more alluring to you than the one on display at the counter? Why are we drawn to what more people are drawn to and less drawn to what seems unwanted?

Now bear in mind that these “products” mostly don’t attract the positive or negative desire of people based on what they are intricately but on who and how many people want them… People generally want what others want and have, it’s the Law of Attraction. The subconscious thought that “if someone wants/has it then it must be of worth”, determines a lot of the choices we make.

It’s high time we start thinking outside the box and really start taking what we TRULY want. Don’t push the man or lady (of your dreams) out of your mind because he/she’s not the one “everyone” is talking about, don’t go for the job because everyone wants it, don’t abandon the cab because no one wants to get in… For ONCE be the reason people get attracted to things. In an ideal sense, things should get their value from people and not the other way around, hence the “Zombie syndrome” or “Clone effect” that causes us to move spontaneously towards the things/people most attractive to others and abandon those lacking mass attraction.

My brothers & sisters in the struggle… Before making that choice ask yourself these basic questions:

“Why do I want it?”

“Why am I rejecting it?”

“What informed my decision?”

I’m positive that if we know the answer to these questions more often that not we will truly be WHAT we really want, have WHAT WE truly CRAVE, and be WITH WHO we truly DESIRE…

Remember to stand your ground and steer your life ARIGHT.


Bible Verse

2 thoughts on ““SOLOMON’S WATER…”

  1. *Hands up* Apt! Hmmm…Band wagon theory!

    Lol, the title got me though! “Solomon’s Water”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, thanks a lot. The title got me too. 🙂


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