The Idea Of (Optimus) Prime

“…And when the account of the ages is etched into the cosmos, let those who exist long after us know that this was our finest hour!” Optimus Prime (Transformers, The Last Knight)

So as always when Optimus Prime speaks, there’s always this speech you’ll have to remember for a lifetime. I happened to see this movie (Transformers, The Last Knight) some months ago and my man Prime came through again.

Okay okay, for the better part of the movie he was someone else (don’t worry, if you haven’t seen the movie, I won’t spoil), but once he “regained consciousness”, he was up and about inspiring people.

Now enough about Prime please, this is not a character review, it’s actually more of a life review,


In the quote for this write up, we see Prime spurring his people up into yet another battle and the words he used to reassure his comrades were words of transgenerational impact.

Leaving big grammar aside, these guys were about to go into (probably) the deadliest, most frightening battle of their entire lives and their anchor was not rooted in the present but in the immortal stories of them (possibly going to be) told by generations to come.

“…Let those who exist long after us know that this was our finest hour!”. Truth is, mans was thinking of the future while me (and of course a lot of us) are constantly burdened with the desires of the present.

I’ve learnt that not everyone Loves Greatness, but most people love the idea of Greatness. The idea of putting in work, giving up some pleasures and “grinding” to bring their dream to manifestation…

This is what some Live for, “the idea”. Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s so seductive but hardly productive.

I’m starting (to read) this new book today titled “Today Matters” by one of my favorite Authors and Teachers of all time; John Maxwell. By mere looking through the book, I see an emphasis on our actions TODAY.

You know a lot of us tend to swim in the oceans of tomorrow and forget to dig the trenches of TODAY.

This is deadly and I’ve been sent to nudge YOU out of that treadmill mindset where we think that merely thinking of the future is doing lucrative work.

My man Optimus, his team of Autobots and the transformer-loving humans were focused on what the account of the ages to come would be of them and by this they put in work TODAY.

Today is what ensures the future. Today is the portal without which tomorrow will only be a dream.

So let me ask this, WHAT WILL BE THE ACCOUNT OF YOU, etched into the cosmos ?

It starts with Today. Remember, TODAY MATTERS.

So if you’re ready, then Transform from your ‘idea (of greatness) loving’ self to your ‘ready to put in the work’ PRIME self!!!

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