Breathe… Breathe… Breathe…

I’ll like to first apologize for my absence/disappearance, “they” tried to bring me down (physically) but I’m back up, so now where were we…

“Truth is only truly seen, felt and experienced when taken in.”- Ebube Agu

Breakdown- It’s not just enough to say that truth will set you free. Oxygen will keep you alive as well but try not breathing. Oxygen no matter how powerful, available or sufficient CANNOT help a person who’s not breathing. In the same vein TRUTH can set you free, but only if you Take it in, and let it permeate your life.

This pertains to me a whole lot, especially at this stage of my life… As a Young Christian Pastor I happen to know a lot of truth but find that I don’t do most of it, and truth be told (Yeah emphasis intended) no matter how much Truth I know and even preach, it will NEVER EVER change my life if I don’t let it in and transform me, so I’m now trying to do more of breathing in now and taking in all the Truth around me 😤

Truth is only truly seen, felt and experienced when taken in. #TruthIsEverywhere #TruthCanSetYouFree #ButOnlyTheTruthThatYouTakeIn #ReceiveTruthNow #Breathe #BreatheIn #TimWinChrist #EbubeAguQuotes… 😱😯💦

Fact– In history, 6th of November 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the sixteenth president of United States.


This is the first time I’m dropping two quotes in one, and it’s as a result of two things;

1.- I’m trying to make up for my absence since last week.

2.- The second quote is a derivative of the first.

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