Unconscious Love?

“You can’t be in Love and not know”- Bishop David Oyedepo (November, 2016)


Do you remember that headache that you had for hours but didn’t know until later?
Do you remember that time you had that nagging stomach pain but only found out about it the next day?

Or do you remember that time you twisted your ankle and walked as if nothing happened?

My guess is you don’t remember any of these things, why? Well because the possibility of them happening is next to non-existent.

One cannot have a headache and not know it, just like one cannot be in Love and not be aware of it.

Any headache that you’re not conscious of is most likely not a headache, so also any Love that you don’t know about cannot possibly be Love.

Love is more than a feeling, it’s a knowing, it’s like walking, or eating, its conscious, it’s deliberate and requires involvement.

Being in Love is like being sure of your name and identity, if you doubt it, then it might as well not be yours.

Passion is not something you doubt, it’s as real as your heartbeat and as sure as oxygen.


Wake up, stop asking too many questions, check your head, then your stomach, now your heart, Where is that place that you Love? What is that thing that you Love? Who is that one that you Love? Now you know, and I’m guessing you’ve always known. Now… Move!

Fact: Love is not by Chance, it’s by Choice. (Look it up)

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